Make Money From Your Site

There are many ways you can monetise your existing website. The most common of these is to enrol in a relevant affiliate program.

Affiliate programs are where a company sells a product that the traffic to your site likes, and pays you a percentage of the sales from traffic you send them.

Here’s a breakdown of ways you can make money from your site:

Add Google AdSense to your site

you’ll make less than 1 cent per page view, but it still adds revenue and it’s incredibly easy

Add Amazon affiliate links

Amazon have millions of products so almost certainly have something your traffic will like. They give you 5% of each sale.

Add Clickbank affiliate links

Clickbank sell digital products, like healthy eating guides, getting fit guides, or money-making guides. They are at the opposite end of the scale to Amazon in that TRUST is lower, but the % commission is MUCH higher. Typically, you’ll earn 70% of each sale and sometimes 90% of each sale.

Add other affiliate links

The guys in the middle are all the other companies like high street chains, big brand names, small niche brands and anything else – they will offer anything between 2% (typical for cosmetics) and 90% although the most common commission rates are between 5 and 10%

Add a shop to your site

Datafeedr has made this easy for you if you are using WordPress. If you have niche traffic already, they would like your recommendations on what to buy and building a shop can add significant revenue to your site

Drop Shipping

Instead of going down the affiliate route, you could negotiate a deal with a wholesaler who will deliver products to your customers for you. This means you process the credit card and can charge what you like for the product. Since the wholesaler is delivering to your customers, it’s really not that complicated. Commission rates are obviously higher than as an affiliate, and if you’re a drop shipper, you can actually hire affiliates yourself to promote your ‘product’.

Stocking and shipping

A level up from drop shipping is actually stocking products yourself. It’s less complicated than it sounds and you can hire a fulfilment company and integrate your shop directly to the fulfilment company so the work you have to do is effectively zero. Your fulfilment company can handle ordering new stock, sending items to customers, handling returns etc. Commission rates are a level up from drop-shipping and you can source your products from ANYWHERE, e.g.

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