WordPress Specialists

Wordpress Specialists

Wordpress Specialists

We build most of our websites using WordPress. WordPress has evolved significantly over the past few years, throughout which time we’ve been writing plugins, themes and websites for our clients.

WordPress provides a beautiful easy to use interface for you to add or edit your website (if you so choose) and a plethora of themes to use as starting points. If you choose us as your web designers, we will build your entire site and coach you in how to maintain the basics of your website. Alternatively, we can manage your website fully for you.

With WordPress you get access to amazing plugins like Datafeedr, WooCommerce, Themify, all the boilerplate stuff of blogging, comments, user management and content management as well as the ability to completely customise the website to your specific desire.

Underlying WordPress is the language PHP – the most popular server-side language in the world – used by companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Wikipedia so you know you’re in good company and your website will be able to scale to whatever demands your visitors require.

Affiliate Web Designers are WordPress specialists – we build websites using other systems occasionally but because of the many benefits we and our customers get from using WordPress, including reduced cost and speed of development, we highly recommend it.

If you’re looking for a WordPress website to be designed and built for you, a WordPress customised theme or a WordPress customised plugin, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Check out our fixed price WordPress development options or request a quote.