Digital Marketing

Website traffic growth has many methods to success

Grow your website traffic reliably and consistently

Traffic growth is essential to your business. If you’re not acquiring customers, you’re losing them to your competition. There are many techniques we can use to help you increase and steadily grow your traffic.

On-Page SEO

How you structure your web pages affects how search engines find, rank and present your pages to your potential customers. On-page SEO is all about making sure you get the basics right and present the information in the best possible way to the search engines. Improvements in on-page SEO can make the difference between being on page 3 of Google search results and page 1 of Google search results.

Off-Page SEO

This refers to other signals not on your pages which search engines use to rank and categorise your web pages. It includes SEO signals such as backlinks – links to your pages from other websites – and social sharing, another signal to search engines that your pages might be relevant to users searching using their system.

Social Media

Building and growing traffic through SEO is great for attracting new users, new networks and hubs of users but often SEO traffic will not have heard of your brand – they can often be the equivalent of cold leads. With a focused brand, a targeted product and great social media you can grow your traffic through word of mouth, leading to peer-to-peer recommendations. Great social media campaigns involve understanding your customers – where do they hang out online, where are their networks, what do they like to share, what do they talk about? Getting involved in their networks, becoming a local expert for products or services they appreciate will bring you some of the highest converting traffic it is possible to attract.

Social media campaigns can also be useful for building your brand, building your email lists and building your reputation in the networks of your customers.

Email Campaigns

Everyone has at least one email address. Email is so ubiquitous, it’s easy to forget about it or dismiss it as old technology. In fact, email campaigns of many different varieties are crucial to growing your traffic. From list building for new customers through transactional emails for customer notifications to email-based sales pipelines to encourage customers to return, to cross-sell, to up-sell, to share your site or content or to trigger those highly desired first time sales.

Segmenting your traffic is important, as is getting the contact frequency right and the type of content to send each segment. Luckily, many measurement tools exist to help you get this right and maximise your traffic growth rates through effective email campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing

If your product has demand, you can use affiliate marketers to promote it and bring traffic to your website. In this traffic growth technique, you pay a percentage of any sales to the affiliate marketers in return for sending their traffic your way. With the right product(s), affiliate marketing and the right affiliate marketers can help you grow your traffic very quickly.

The affiliate marketers already have traffic sources – either through their existing websites, their YouTube channels, their email lists or their social media followers. For affiliate marketing to work well, your product must align extremely well with the affiliate marketers (the publishers) of your product. If you can source, attract and retain top quality publishers then you will be able to create a long-term mutually beneficial relationship to help promote your product range and grow your traffic over time. Affiliate marketers or publishers are almost like your own freelance sales force. Treated well, they can be one of your primary sources of traffic and sales.


Advertising is a proven technique to grow your traffic solidly. You can use advertising to build brand, indirectly boosting your traffic, typically using pay per view payment arrangements or you can use pay-per-click advertising, typically to attract traffic at some point down your sales funnel. Calculating ROI is one of the primary benefits of pay-per-click advertising which allows you to profitably grow your traffic through adverts. Essentially, you calculate the value per visitor for the visitor segment you’re targeting with your adverts and then you can afford to spend anything up to that value per visitor acquisition. For example, if you have managed to increase your value per visitor to as high as £2.50 then you can afford to spend anything up to £2.50 on each click and still bring profitable traffic.

Of course, if you are on a growth campaign or a land grab for your sector,  you can spend more than your value per visitor to acquire new users and increase the underlying value of your business.

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