Squarespace Experts


Squarespace[1]Squarespace is a fantastic platform for building your website so if you’ve chosen it you made a great decision. It makes building your website far easier than ever before, but sometimes you need a Squarespace professional developer to give you a helping hand.

We’ve been using Squarespace since Squarespace 5 and have since built dozens of websites using various versions of Squarespace. The templates that come with Squarespace are gorgeous, but sometimes you want to customise them and that’s where we help. Ola is our resident Squarespace template web designers and with her natural flair for making gorgeous, clean websites you won’t be disappointed.

The in-built features of Squarespace are fantastic too, but sometimes you want just a little bit more – that’s where Dave can help. Squarespace provides the ability to load any kind of javascript to your site you like, which ultimately gives you total control over the functionality of your website. It could be making your squarespace website multilingual, or connecting it to an external API or database – whatever the complexity of your requirement, Dave can add it to Squarespace.

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