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On our site you can find step by step guides for many tasks relating to making money from your website, but if you’d rather we do it all for you then choose from the options below.

If you’re looking for us to write a WordPress/Datafeedr related plugin, you should vote for the plugin of your choice here – Datafeedr Plugin Feature Requests. The highest voted plugins get coded next and you get them free with your premium membership.


Our advice is free. Drop us a line below with any thoughts you have and we’ll give you advice specific to your niche on how best to make money from your site.

Add a shop to your WordPress site

We will add a shop with products relevant to your niche market. This shop will be beautifully designed, will have great SEO, will work well with tablets and phones and will make you money (providing you have the traffic). We will do everything for you related to adding your shop and making money from your traffic.

Add shop to WordPress: from $2500

Build a new niche site using Squarespace

Squarespace is really easy to use and beautiful sites can be made (like Camera Handbags), but if you want us to do it for you and build you a beautiful brand new site then Ola will do it for you.

Build new site using Squarespace: from $500

Build a new niche shop using Squarespace

This includes building the site from scratch, helping you source products and creating a money-making shop. Your shop can be an affiliate store, a dropshipping store, sell digital products or sell your own products. If you’re unsure which is right for you, drop us a line – our advice is free.

Build new shop using Squarespace: from $750

Build a new niche site using WordPress

WordPress is a great platform for your larger niche, and we can build this for you from scratch. Options abound so tell us what you would like and we’ll give you a quote.

Build new niche site using WordPress: $????
Contact us using the form below for a quote

WordPress Plugins

Please contact us using the form below with your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a quote. If you need us to write a plugin that we believe will be re-usable by others, we are able to offer phenomenally low rates so get in touch.

Ad-hoc improvements: $???
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Scrape data from other websites

We can write scrapers to gather data from ANYWHERE and integrate it directly into your site. This can make your website stand head and shoulders above your competition.

If you’re selling curtains, imagine we scrape all the top sources of curtains that exist and bring them into one place for your customers on your website.

Scrape data from other websites: $????
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